I'm always telling my mentee's to blog and put themselves out there so I felt
it was probably time to start practicing what I preach. So hi. This is my blog
and I'm Sam. I live in Boston, have a beautiful wife and child and aspire to one day work remote from a beach somewhere in Australia.
I was supposed to be a musician. I graduated from Berklee College of
Music a couple years back, majoring in Music Production and Engineering.
Then I had the joy of being hit by a van which left me with some injuries that would have made that career path just the tiniest bit difficult. As wierd as it sounds, that turned out to be a blessing in disguise since it allowed me to discover that I really enjoy coding. It challenges me in both a mental and creative sense and I love that.
So now I work as an Experience Enginner (still not fully sure what the title means) at Launch Academy teaching Ruby on Rails and loving every second of it. I've been know to dabble in some Ember from time to time and I'm currently attempting to learn C. So yeh. Hi!