Being a mentor

We've just finished the winter cohort of Launch Academy and I've just finished with my first group of 10 mentees. It's been a humbling experience that has not only caused me to grow as a developer and an educator but mainly as a person. I was also lucky enough to have the most amazing group of people to mentor who inspired me to be as good as I could be.
Now that it's over this is my way of self reflecting on the last 11 weeks with my thoughts on what it takes to be a good mentor.
I feel that the key to being a good mentor is to tow that fine line between being someone's friend while at the same time having their respect, and them seeing you as a senior that they can look up to. I realise now that too many times I took the let's all be pals line which as much as it made the time with my group awesome, also meant that at moments when tough love was needed, I felt
that it was ignored because of the 'chuminess'.
Never feel like you don't know enough. We can never hope to know much of anything. The only goal that I hold myself to is that I know a little bit more each day than I did the day before. This is important because I felt at the beginning of the cohort that I was failing as a mentor because I didn't know everything. The mistake that I made was that I had made the assumption that my mentees expected me to know everything. They didn't and it was unrealistic of me to put that expectation on myself.
Don't play favorites. This is a really hard one and something that when the next cohort starts, I really want to improve on. We're all human, so we are all naturally biased to want to work with those that we are drawn towards as people, but as a mentor of many, I feel like it's my job to ensure that all of my mentees get the same amount of attention regardless of any biases that I may have.
Finally, just enjoy it. I love that my job involves more than just software, and that I get to mentor a new group of students every 12 weeks. It's exciting. Dealing with people is exciting and being able to play just a small part in each of their personal development towards becoming a web developer is so exciting and empowering.
So thank you to Dani, Sherwin, Lorry, Austin, Debbie, Jay, Colin, Krystle, Icelle and even Van. I could not have asked for a better group and you guys all taught me so much about being a mentor and a better person and I will be forever grateful for that.