Code like no one is watching

The other night I built a terrible Flappy Bird clone that involved you moving a block in between other blocks and trying to get circles. The code is not beautiful. The idea is not great. The implimentation is not perfect. But the truth of the matter is I had the most fun I've had in a long time building it and I think that comes down to one deciding factor.
I don't care what the rest of the world thinks of it. I built it for the fun of building it. Nothing more, nothing less. Too many times I feel like I pressure myself into trying to produce something of value to the outside world. I think there is a huge amount of merit in buidling something for the rest of the world but I feel that as soon as I start down this path, I place limitations and boundaries on both my thought process as well as implimentation. Best practices come into play and before you know it, the project has become a grind and becomes another one of those unfinished projects that just linger around.
This isn't to say that best practices are out of place in a side project. Far from it, but think of it in terms of music. Practice is incredibly important and allows me to improve as a musician, but sometimes I just want to let loose, play and just embrace the moment. The beautiful thing about this is that it truly allows you to get lost in the moment and just let your imagination take you where it needs to go. And when you let your imagination and creativity go wild, the results are generally impressive.
So what is my point from all of this? We need to take the pressure off of ourselves to make every line of code that we ever write perfect. Every side project that we work on the next big thing. Sometimes just building something for building something's sake is enough. So every once in a while, just try it. Code like no one is watching.