ActsAsTaggableOn with Active Model Serializers

I came across this answer on StackOverflow which showed a beautiful solution for embedding tags with Active Model Serializers.
Say you have a blog and a blog has many tags. Your serializer might look something like:

class BlogSerializer < ActiveModel::Serializer
	embed :ids, include: true
    attributes :id, :name
    has_many :tags

To deal with the ActsAsTaggableOn namespace, are tags serializer would look something like:

module ActsAsTaggableOn
	class TagSerializer < ActiveModel::Serializer
    	attributes :id, :name

Now we just have to let Rails know that our has many association for tags will be using this serializer:

has_many :tags, serializer: ActsAsTaggableOn::TagSerializer

Now our tags are embedded with our blog.